Monday, August 24, 2009

Timothy P. Carney in the Washington DC Examiner: health insurance reform omits ERISA reform

The Washington DC Examiner's Lobbying Editor, Timothy P. Carney, points out that current proposals for health insurance reform not only fail to reform ERISA, but explicitly preserve its perverse effect.

And you might think Democrats would tend to be on the side of the angels here and Republicans would tend to be in the insurance companies' thrall. Not necessarily. As Mr. Carney notes, Republican representative John Shadegg of Arizona has spoken up about this problem in the context of the pending reform efforts, so far to deaf ears adorning the heads of both parties.

Here's Representative Shadegg in action:

So: call, write, sound off, and support Representative Shadegg's efforts here!

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  1. Rich, Wanda here from Big Hollywood.

    That was enough to make you ill just watching it. Especially the loophole... evidence (if you need it) that they knew exactly what they were doing to their constituents.

    Why there isn't a push for term limits is beyond me.

    It COULD make you feel hopeless. I had a friend who had a similar circumstance. She had her baby, but got a serious infection afterward and Kaiser booted her out - sick and all. She had to be readmitted later after she fell gravely ill. Her doc had her come to the hospital and checked her out in her CAR!

    Yep. We need reform, but the kind we are currently being sold.